Channel Islands, CA 2008

Talk about avoiding your own backyard. We had been to Harbortown in Ventura numerous times yet had never taken a cruise out to the Channel Islands. It was on our list of "one of these days we should..." Our friend Brenda booked a group to take the tour but after a number of people flaked for various reasons (you know who you are), it ended up being just the three of us and Tammy. We had a great time as the weather was perfect. We didn't make the stopover on the islands themselves but vowed to do that sometime in the future. Ventura and Oxnard sure look beautiful from the coast.

We did see some actual whales and dolphins too.

Two gay dads on the ship with us. Well we assumed they were two gay dads by the way each of the kids interacted with them. So cute, oh the kids too, we guess.

Look it's a bear. No, just a hot park ranger.

Fun with Tammy and Brenda.

A bit windy...

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